3 April 2023


Established in 2022 by a quartet of experienced entrepreneurs, Flatpay has secured funding from various sources, including Seed Capital. Boasting one of the finest payment solutions available, Flatpay has consistently demonstrated robust growth since its inception. Our customers appreciate the straightforward, appealing payment model and comprehensive solution, which includes a payment terminal, gateway, and service, and Flatpay has a 5-star Trustpilot rating. Flatpay's intuitive system allows clients to concentrate on their primary business operations while facilitating the setup process. Currently, Flatpay employs 40 individuals. In addition to Denmark, Flatpay operates in Finland and Germany and will continue scaling throughout Europe.

The job

We are currently seeking a Chief Product Officer to join our journey, spearhead our Product team's growth, and provide leadership. As a member of our management team, which includes our four founders, you will have a significant impact on Flatpay's roadmap and future.

We are searching for a skilled Product Leader with technical expertise who can address complex customer scenarios and identify the essential components required to resolve them.

This role presents a unique opportunity to create highly leveraged products and platforms, such as payment POS systems, client portals, analytical dashboards, and payment gateways, in collaboration with a team of seasoned software engineers well-versed in the problem domain. You will also receive strong support from Engineering and Executive leadership.

As a Chief Product Officer, you will have the chance to establish a product team comprising designers and product specialists, instilling an appropriate product culture from the outset.


. A strong passion for customer-centric product development.

. Close collaboration with a senior engineering team, CTO and Founders to deliver quality products.

· Ability to bridge the gap between technical details, customer issues, and the team's work's business impact.

· Proficient in organizing and collaborating with executive-level stakeholders, as well as fostering deep customer relationships.

· Capability to develop highly leveraged products that serve as cornerstones for both customers and internal teams.

· Willingness to engage deeply with engineering, customers, and management.

· Expertise in managing a steady flow of work and organizing it into cohesive, incremental releases.

· Recognition that your product's ultimate success metric is its contribution to Flatpay's business achievements.

· Aptitude for managing a small UX and design team and expanding the product team as the company grows.

· 5+ years of product management or technical project management experience, guiding a product from conception to market & support.

· Experience building technically complex products that delivered exceptional customer value from the infrastructure layer up.

· Preferably, prior experience managing product managers.

· Enthusiasm for and experience in cross-functional projects, enabling marketing, sales, and partnership teams to achieve outstanding business results.

· Excellent written and oral communication skills, along with the ability to champion your ideas to realization.

Create a warm and inviting work culture that promotes a sense of community among team members.


. A competitive salary and equity in a rapidly expanding startup.

· Remote work and flexible working arrangements.

· Exceptional office space and complimentary parking.

· Unique chance to create a startup with a great product market fit.

· A welcoming and collaborative atmosphere with individuals passionate about tackling challenging problems.

· Opportunity to progress into managing multiple products across intersecting teams over time.

· Considerable autonomy in delivering highly impactful, company-defining products.

· Close collaboration with a senior engineering team to deliver quality products.

· Opportunity to cultivate a product-focused team in Product Management and UX.

· Competitive salary and warrant package.

· At Flatpay, we strive for a positive and dynamic work environment, encouraging open-mindedness and quick thinking.

Are you the candidate we seek? Please reach out to:

Bjørn Andersen
CEO & Founder
+45 31 54 70 40