mSolutions by Miba Group
Laakirchen, Munich, Linz
16 November 2022

Digital Venture Entrepreneur / CEO

Miba Group is a family-owned Austrian industrial and technology company. Their product mSolutions is a “Smart manufacturing Software Platform” and is what you’ll be working on. It’s a Manufacturing Execution System built as a SaaS for the Manufacturing industry focused on Shopfloor Execution, logistics, and scheduling. The service is elastic and flexible, with minimum IT involvement required. They take tedious tasks that can take years and reduce the integration time to a few days. They focus on high performance, usability, scalability, and platform-independent access anytime. Essential the product has within three years has become a unique tool used in more than 14 locations with thousands of daily users securing the fastest time to value for businesses. The company was founded in 1927 and is now operating all over the globe, with locations in China, India, Europe, the US, and Brazil. They focus heavily on R&D, having spent tens of millions on research and innovation, and have invented 391 patents as a result. The company comprises more than 7400 employees in more than ten countries and over 30 manufacturing sites.

The job

In this position, you will be doing the following:

- Build a customer base and develop long-term, successful business relationships across all channels - Analyze customer needs and presentation of custom-fit solutions - Participate in networking events and representation of the company - All revenue-related activities: from go to market to scaling the company’s presence in the market. You will shape these efforts by creating, executing, and - overseeing the company’s commercial strategies. - Definition of the commercial team structure and hiring or additional candidates - Building and nurturing relationships in the industry - Developing a sense of what our customers are looking for when considering our solution. - Reporting towards the funding corporations and mother company Internal and external stakeholder management


To succeed in the described role, you’ll need the following skillset:

- 4 + years of relevant work experience as (co –)founder or C-level employee - Experience in selling digital solutions, ideally in a manufacturing context - Experience in the manufacturing and logistics industry, preferably in the DACH region - Identify, evaluate and assess digital business opportunities - Technical understanding of trends, associated potentials, and challenges, especially in the area of digitalization - Assessment, evaluation, and the correct handling of risks - Successful leadership and strategic understanding - Successful stakeholder management and networking in the entrepreneurial ecosystem - Speed of action, decisiveness, and resilience


Miba Group provides its employees with a range of benefits, including, but not limited to the following:

- Canteen with affordable and healthy food - Employee health initiatives including an exercise room, a fitness trainer, and regular health checks - A wide range of education programs, including training, workshops, seminars, meetings, conferences, and in-house classes - Childcare for the employees in Laakirchen between the hours of 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. And much more…

Miba mSolutions visualization IoT MES Manufacturing
Miba mSolutions visualization IoT MES Manufacturing

Are you the candidate we seek? Please reach out to:

Bjørn Andersen
CEO & Founder
+45 31 54 70 40